Smoked Salmon Pastrami

Applewood Smoked Salmon Pastrami


Smoked Salmon Pastrami

“Positively Addictive!” The phrase became a mantra from our farmers market customers. They kept coming back for more, and you will too! Ashbell’s Salmon Pastrami starts with sustainable Norwegian or Icelandic salmon. The fillets are hand cut, coated with our crunchy, peppery pastrami spice blend and then hot-smoked to tender perfection.  A new twist on two old favorites, Ashbell’s Premium Applewood Smoked Salmon Pastrami will be the star of your sandwiches or your next party platter.

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Product Details/Ingredients

Ashbell’s Original Recipe Smoked Salmon Pastrami  –  Warm smoked with Applewood, coated with pastrami spices and seasonings. Fully cooked, ready to serve. Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Atlantic Salmon (Fish) Fillet, Pastrami Seasoning (Black Pepper, Coriander, Fennel, Mustard Seeds and Spices), Vegetable Oil, Marinade/Brine (Water, Salt and Sugar), Natural Applewood Smoke.

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