Introducing the Ashbell's Line of Chef-Created-Products

We start with tradition: Ashbell’s all-natural ready-to-serve products are artisinally prepared using a generations-old family technique. But the end result is new:  Heart-healthy, sustainably raised meat and fish get a foodie makeover. Ashbell’s exclusive recipes marry global flavors and spices with Southern-style cures and the slow burn of genuine Applewood.

Beijing-inspired smoked duck? A meltingly delish bite! Hot and spicy jerk tuna? Try that in your salad! Moist, meaty and ultra-peppery turkey pastrami on rye? Your tastebuds will say, “Badda-boom!

Chef Ashbell can be seen on the new season of The Food Network's

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A Note from our Founder, Ashbell McElveen

Folks call me “Chef Ashbell.” You may have seen me cooking and sharing my family recipes on TV here in the USA or on “the Telly” in the U.K. My cooking curiosity took me from my South Carolina birthplace to Paris and on to far-flung destinations. My exposure to a global tapestry of flavors led me to create this line of premium meats and seafood under the label Ashbell’s. It’s a lifelong dream and a labor of love to share my world of recipes with you. That handsome dude on the label is my grandpa, also named Ashbell. His masterful secrets of smoking and Southern style Slow Food are my everything.

I hope you’ll enjoy the convenience of our versatile, flavor-rich line of prepared foods. Ashbell’s Premium products 1are equally at home on an hors d’oeuvres tray, piled high in a sandwich or gently heated as an entrée. Bon Appètit!

Chef Ashbell






Applewood Smoked Tuna Loin

Jerk Style - Hot & Spicy!


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Tunastic: Who needs meat when you can have a custom-cut tuna filet smoked to perfection and coated with our authentically-made, hand-rubbed jerk paste seasoning? Eat hot or cold.

Applewood Smoked Tuna Loin

Jerk Style - Hot & Spicy!


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Hot Blues: Long an East Coast favorite, bluefish just got woke! The blue-tinged meaty, moist flesh, rich in healthy Omega-3 brown fat, takes to smoke and spice like a moth to flame.

Wild Smoked Norwegin Jerk Salmon

Jerk Style - Hot & Spicy!


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Our Premium smoked Jerk Salmon filet is that perfect marriage of luxury mouth feel and explosive flavor. Serve hot or cold as a main, an appetizer, in a sandwich or create a paté!

  Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast Pastrami

Coated with Ashbell's Spice Blend


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Looking for a low-fat pastrami substitute? Ashbell's smoked turkey breast pastrami is hand-coated with our specially-prepared global spice rub, then smoked to tender perfection.

Applewood Smoked Turkey Thigh Pastrami

Coated with Ashbell's Spice Blend


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Love pastrami? Love turkey?  Love dark meat? If you answered yes to any of these question, you will swoon over thickly-spiced, smoked whole-muscle turkey thigh pastrami!

Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast

Apple smoke deliouse


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We cure and then hot smoke our juicy turkey breast until tender, keeping in all the moisture and pumping up the flavor. Heart healthy and ready-to-serve hot or cold.

Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast

Apple smoke deliouse


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An authentic slice of savory island heat with every bite! Our recipe turns premium chicken breast into an extraordinarily satisfying sandwich, salad or hors d'oeuvre experience.

Beijing-Inspired Whole Smoked Duck

Average weight 5 Lbs


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Beijing, Southern Style: We take plump sustainably-farmed ducks, cure them with our Asian spice blend, and hang them for a long, hot smoke. You get the whole duck - beak to foot!

Applewood Smoked Pekin Duck Breast

Coated with Ashbell's Spice Blend


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Ashbell's meaty Pekin duck breasts are hand-seasoned with our Chinese-inspired spice blend, then hot-smoked over Applewood until melt-in-your-mouth tender and bursting with flavor.

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Partners and Production

How it's Made

Ashbell’s all-natural Premium Meat and Seafood products are produced in small batches at our partner’s smokehouse facility, using our secret recipes and traditional Southern-style smoking methods. Ashbell’s employs unique blends of natural wood smoke and seasonings with globally-sourced spices to create succulent, ready-to-serve meat and fish with exciting flavors. We’re proud to offer our gourmet products to you and your family.

About Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc.

With their gourmet, small-batch philosophy, respect for quality, and shared commitment to using the highest-quality ingredients possible, Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. is Ashbell’s trusted production partner. Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. has been producing smoked meats in Chester County, Pennsylvania for nearly two decades.

The Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. facility is inspected by the USDA, FDA and the PA Dept. of Agriculture and is fully HACCP Compliant. Sugartown’s entire staff is ServSafe Certified, with production staff and management fully trained in compliance. Consumer approvals and industry awards have brought Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. to the forefront of the smoked foods industry.


Southern Roots, a World of Flavor

Ashbell’s founder Chef Ashbell McElveen is kicking it global while keeping it local! We use Slow Food artisanal methods of curing and smoking, passed down from generations of culinary masters from the American South. The fine herbs and spices used in our original recipes are sourced from many continents. Our locally-raised meats are free of hormones and antibiotics and our seafood is sustainably-caught or responsibly farmed. All our products are vacuum sealed and ready-to-serve, or freezable.

Ashbell’s Premium Meat and Seafood product line is 100% natural and does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Legacy and Remembrance

A portion of every sale of Ashbell’s products goes to the James Hemings Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to preserving and upholding the legacy of African American contribution to American and global gastronomy, and to supporting the next generation of culinary and food industry talent.




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